Hi guys! How are you? I am just finishing up my day by watching Modern Family on TV. So what have you all been doing today? I have been working. I shot a scene for Høllefjord High, that sketch on Partaj that I am an extra in. It was so weird today because we, the extras, got the information that we were supposed to be on location at 1:15 PM but apparently we were supposed to be there when the crew got there in the morning for some scenes. Weird. Anyway, because I saw a that I had got a text saying that they needed a few people to come to set a little bit earlier than we were told. When I saw the text I had just got out of the shower and put some laundry in the washer. Plus this washer takes like a million years for one load so, I couldn't just leave. Plus, I hadn't even brushed my teeth, done my, hair or my makeup, so I was like no where near ready. If the washer didn't take like a million years I would have been able to leave earlier. Well, well. I really don't think that it would have had mattered if I would have had been there earlier because some of the extras who were there earlier didn't get to do much. Two people just got to be in one scene and one girl who got there at 11 AM didn't get to do anything, so I really don't think it matters.

your writer, Erika


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