Høllefjord High: Skololympiaden

Hi hi! So did you watch tonight's episode of Partaj? I did and I thought that it was kind of awkward because there were some shots of me where I rubbed my wrist against my nose. It just looked a little weird. Hehehe. I remember last Wednesday during the shot when I did it. Immediatly I thouhgt to myself "Oh, crap we're shooting!" But I guess everyone has those moments. Hehehe.

I just thought to myself that like okay I have told them about Partaj, lets move on and blog about cute looks for fall but then I remembered that I told you that I would post some pictures from Partaj. So yeah, lets do that and I'll just blog about fashion some other day when I feel like it. I mean sometimes I am like, I mean I have an idea about what I want to blog about but then I start the post with something and it ends up being the whole post because I have so much to say about that topic.

Oversized clothes, hehehehe

Do you see the woman to the left all dressed on a black plastic bag? She is going to catch the fish that the fish the the man to the right in a red t-shirt is about to throw.

Me with Pia Sundhage, the coach for the female Swedish national soccer team. She was the host of tonight's episode of Partaj.

Me with one of the other extras.

your writer, Erika


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