Holy Ground

Yo guys! How are you? It's Friday and weekend. Yup, finally (or whatever I don't know why I say finally). I really don't have any plans. I might go shopping. Probably, just to pass time. Hahaha. OMG! You absolutely can't miss Partaj on Sunday (at 9 PM on Kanal 5) because they are going to show the funniest sketch of Høllefjord High. Like you just can't miss it! I'll post pictures on Sunday from the day we shoot that episode. We shot a bunch of things that day for a lot of different episodes. I mean, now that I am thinking about it, isn't it confusing for the actors? Hmmm, I mean whenever we are shooting something in one day I always assume it's for the same episode. Well, apparently not. Hahahaha.

I feel like I want to continue my Christmas wish list. I mean I know that I said that there are like a bunch of million little things that I want. But if I really think about it there are a few things that I really do want. I know that I am never going to get them but I guess that I can just shove my fashion sense down your throat. Hahahaha.

I really want this green satchel from Michael Kors. I know that it's an odd color but that is what makes it interesting. It's so odd, I just can't stop looking at it. I want it.

I want another watch. A silver watch from Marc Jacobs. I really like the silver ones. My faves are these two below.

I's also like you know those enamel logo disc studs earrings from Marc Jacobs. Preferably in black or white. But a fun color like pink wouldn't be wrong. Ooo, and a new Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case for my 13" MacBookPro. Other than expensive things I really really really want Justin Timberlake's the 20/20 Experience - The Complete Experience, since I have neither cd's. That's something I really want.

your writer, Erika


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