Wow, 1500th posts! That's something right! 1500th. How many of you have been here since the beginning? Probably not a lot you but how long have you been following my blog? You know what, confession time here. I rarely proofread any of my posts before I post them. I do afterwards. Days, months, years afterwards that they have been published. I don't know why. Hahaha, if I seem illiterate this is the explanation. I just rely on autocorrect to tell my if I have missed spelled anything. Maybe that is not such a good idea. Well, well.

My five most read mosts are (in order) Kevin & Danielle Jonas, 1D BraceletsThe Veronica's covering JB's Burning UpA Weekends with Anton and Aspiring. LOL, I think that it so funny to read old posts. I just laugh at myself, because I am so damn funny and because I used to be so ridiculous. I didn't think so then but people grow up and you start to like new things. I think that there was like one month back in 2008, spring or summer if I remember correctly when I only blogged about the Jonas Brothers. LOL. Oh, do you remember when I was going to learn French on my own. I quite that pretty fast. I mean school got in the way. Awww, do you remember Have It Hollywood (which was another blog that I used to have that had like 100 000 readers each month)? School, well college got in the way of that. Hmmm, sad but yeah yeah. Hopefully Erika's World can get up to those numbers too. Well, well. I know what it takes to get this blog to that figure. Two words: Hard work. Hard work, yeah. Plus I like updated HIH like 20 times per day but that is too exhausting and too time consuming. Which is why I stopped blogging on HIH. Hopefully that will never happen to Erika's World. To 1500 posts and 1500 more! 1500!

your writer, Erika


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