OMG, hi guys! I feel stressed. A lot of things going on this week. First I had a shoot today, then an other tomorrow (two totally different things) and then I have Partaj on Wednesday as usual and then we are shooting another sketch for Høllefjord High on Friday. I really hope that tomorrow shoot won't go on longer then it's supposed to because I have to be on set earlier than usual on Wednesday for Partaj. So I have to get up earlier and, yeah. I mean that's really don't only thing making me stressed. The time. That there isn't enough time. Well, it's just that I want to make sure that I get enough sleep so that I have energy for Partaj. Since I have been working with the Partaj people a while now and that's a regular thing that I do, I feel like I am more loyal to that than anything else that I do. I mean, yeah, that's how it is.

On set today I met one of the extras from Partaj. I was like (in my own world) "Yes! One familiar face!". She is also going to be on Wednesdays' and Fridays' shoot. So that will be fun. I took a bunch of selfies today, and you can see her in the background. Hahaha. I took them on purpose to kind of sneakingly get her in my selfie. Hahaha.

OMG! Yes have you guys heard the mazing news?! There is opening another Starbucks in Stockholm! Yeah! So now I don't have to go to Arlanda every time I want a Starbucks. Woop woop! I am so excited! I freaking love Starbucks. Yeah! I heard about it a few days ago and today when I went to the central station I saw it with my own eyes. It's opening in the food court at the central station. It seems as though it's going to be big! I mean the café. Yeah! Me likey Starbucks.

 your writer, Erika


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