Always a Party

Hi! I thought that I give you a written post today instead of a video blog and since I didn't tell you guys about Partaj last weekend as I promised I'll do it today instead plus I'll also post those pictures that I said that I would post. Hihihi. I am sorry that I didn't post them when I said that I would but I just didn't feel like writing then, I mean nothing came to me. Like no interesting thoughts that were worth writing here so, yeah that's why go got videos instead. I hope you likes them. People in SWD were mainly talking about that my english was perfect, but I don't know about that because if you watch the videos and when you see that I am quiet for a second or two or that I repeat myself or stutter I am looking for word in my head. One girls said that I said like all the time. Hahahaha, weird 'cause I don even hear it or think about it. Yeah yeah anyway so that's that.

So about Partaj then, who watch the season premiere last Sunday. I did, I did, Anyone else? It was funny. It was weird to see yourself on TV, kinda like "OMG! Do I really look like that?! WTF happened, the mirror told me that I look great! LIAR!!!" Hahahaha. No but like of, almost. It's fun doing Partaj even though I am only on the show like an extra. Tomorrow, it's back to Partaj again, I mean it's the only logical to shoot Partaj on a Wednesday. Lill lördag (google it none Swedish folks), partaj. It's only the perfect combination. Hehehe, you are laughing if you are getting it. Plus I am hilarious so you have to laugh.

This is actually a behind the scene's picture from the Höllefjord High sktech that was in Sunday's nights episode of Partaj.

I took this picture in the extras lounge when we shoot the studio scenes last Wednesday

So if you watch the season premiere of Partaj you know that Lennart Ekdalh (don't ask me who he is all I know is that he is the one that hunts the bad guys on Fuskbyggarna, swedish version of Cowboy Builders) was the host. The weirdest thing happened when we were about to start shooting. Lennart was on stage and I was standing just in front of the stage just holding my phone up in the air about to turn it off. Apparently Lennart sees me so he walks up to me if I wanted to take a picture. I was just schocked since I wasn't paying much attention to him. So I said "No, it's okay." Then he insists and I am still like "No, it's okay." He insisted again and is like just give your phone to your friend, it just a weird situation so I just handed my phone to one of the other extras so that she could take a picture. LOL. It was just weird but the picture turned out good, more importantly I turned out good! Hahahaha, the only thing that matters.

The picture of Lennart and I. Don't worry he's not super tall or anything, he's just standing on the stage and I am not.

Oh, yeah I do have more pictures put I will post them on Sunday or whenever because don't want one post to have like a million pictures. So, yeah I'll post then not just today. Plus I almost forgot to tell you about something kind of funny. Just because I was on Partaj last night a few people wrote in SWD and on my facebook timeline that they saw me on TV. One girl even messaged me on facebook, I am not even friends with so that she found me was kind of fun. Hehehehe.

your writer, Erika


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