Ooooo, already 11 PM. Well, well! Don't forget to set back the watch tomorrow. The best thing about setting back your watch is that you get to sleep one extra hour tomorrow! Yeah! Cheers today!! One extra hour of sleep, I am so excited about that!

You know what I have kind of always liked Little Mix. I means since I found out about them. I liked there music but I wasn't like a Mixer or anything. I didn't become a Mixer until I went and saw One Direction at Friends Arena in Stockholm earlier this year. I mean they were showing music videos (over and over and over again) on the big screens before Camryn (who opened for One Direction on the European tour) and when you have heard the same song about 6-7 times in hour it kind of starts to grow on you. So yeah now I am a complete Mixer. Hehehehe.

You know (if you are a Mixer), LM's new single Move. So, um, yeah when I first heard it I didn't like. I didn't dislike it exactly. I mean I liked it but I wasn't in-love with it or anything but now, oh em gee, I can't get enough of it. I have been singing around the house all day. Hihihihi. It's just that awesome! I can't get it out of my head and now my mission is to learn the damn song. Hopefully, I can do it some justice. Who knows.

So I went to NK today to see if they had that Michael Kors satchel that I posted a picture of yesterday. They did but in orange. I mean didn't ask if they had it in green. I saw the all silver Marc Jacobs watch that I posted a picture of. I don't want it anymore. It looks better in picture. OMG, they had the most gorgeous Marc Jacobs iPhone cases. Me likey, me wanty! Christmas maybe (remember I have an 13" Mac Book Pro and and iPhone 5)? Hehehehe. Like so gorgeous! I just love Marc Jacobs laptop and iPhone cases!

your writer, Erika


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