OMFG! Today it has been one year since I saw Justin Bieber live in Los Angeles on the Believe Tour! WOW! One year, already! How time just flies by! Aaaah, I mean it feels like it was jus yesterday that I saw him. I am very thankful that I got that chance to see him live and especially in LA out of all places!

I remember this day last year so well. I remember that I had set the alarm on my phone because I was going from SB to LA that morning with the Greyhound bus. Like yeah, I of course didn't not want to miss the bus. But did the alarm go off when it was supposed to? NO! Like thank you! So I had to stress through eveything but I made it. I made it to LA and the Justin Bieber concert all on my own! Woop woop!

I think that's a pretty huge thing, like I was 19 then, not that's like a huge accomplishment for a 19 year old but I kind of think it is since I am not from the US and I managed to take care of myself and plan that whole trip. Okay, hahahaha planning the four month trip is an even bigger accomplishment. Um, that's something that I would call an accomplishment. That's a huge thing that anyone who does it should be really proud of. Like before I moved to the US I had always relied on my family but that all I really had was myself. Yeah, I mean I had my friends there but before I met them, it was me and only me.

your writer, Erika


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