Hi guys! You know what?! Today I have been a good girl! I scored a lot of points. Hehehe. I vacuumed and mopped the floor in my room. I cleared two shelves in my book shelve so that I could put books on those two shelves. Yeah, I went and got three boxes from the basement. Two boxes with books and one box mixed with like winter clothes and two carpets. I carried them all by myself so now I have a bruise on my left thigh and my arms are kind of sore. Yeah, because the boxes with my books were heavy! The other box was just big and clumsy which made it annoying to carry. But I did it all by myself, applauds to me! Yeah!

You know what?! Like the scariest thing happened in the basement. Not that I am really afraid of the dark or anything but when the light go off and it's pitch black and you're all alone in a basement, not not a situation where you laugh out joy. Nope plus it doesn't hear some weird sound because someone is carrying in their tires for the car to put them in their storage space. Thank you dude, could have turned the lights on. That would have had been helpful! Anyway, the first time I went down there. The lights went of once. The second time they went off twice. The third time they didn't go off in the storage area but when I got out of there the hallway was pitch black, like once again that is not cool. I am not afraid of the dark but I kind of had to convince myself not to freak out. Like, omg thank God for a flashlight app. Thank God. 'Cause otherwise I probably would have ran out of there screaming like a five year old little girl. Thank God.

your writer, Erika


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