Erika Flavor

Oh my God you guys! You should see my room, it finally has some Erika flavor to it and it is gooooood! Well, not that great but it is a huge step up to what it looked like before. It's finally looking like a room where someone actually lives and not like a storage space. I mean just saying. I mean 'cause it was like stuff like everywhere. Not much of personality there. I feel, and I believe that the way your room, house, the place where you live looks like that is who you are. It reflects on you and your life. I mean if your room is a mess then you're a mess. If your house is broken then you are broken. 'Cause I mean, let me try to explain this. It's the little pieces that makes the picture. Like a puzzle. A puzzle doesn't come in just one huge piece, then it wouldn't be a puzzle. It's just a piece then, a pretty picture. So if you don't take care of the little things and see how you can make them fit and fix them then how can you except that your life will be good? Like, you have to look at the little things before you can see the whole picture. It doesn't work the other way around, how much you try, it won't work. The puzzle, you can just look at the box and see the picture and think "Oh, this is easy, I'll do this in less than a minute" when you have 32 000 pieces to match. I will take time but you will solve it if you are determined. Like you can't fix your life in a day, it takes time. Look at the small things that you can fix. Like actual physical things. Tidy up your house, fix whatever needs to be fixed. Like for me, I feel a whole lot better emotionally and psychologically when my room is tidy. I get so stressed when the house is a mess. It should not be like that, your house, your home should be your oasis. The one place you where you can lay down and not have a care in the world. Plus I also feel/ believe, like if you can take care of your home, clean it on a regular basis, fix whatever needs to be fixed when it needs to then everything else will come naturally. I mean you will take care of other problems in your life so much easier. You won't even think about it it will just act. Start small but aim high.

But then there are also the facade. Like things can look all pretty and perfect but when you open the closet things will just fall out because there is no order in there. What I am saying is that a person can look like a million bucks but the truth is something else. They are way more hurt and broken then they let you in on. The closet full of stuff with things just falling out are the things that you don't want to deal with so you just leave them there for a better time to deal with it all but that time never comes. There is no time like the present, so do everything now rather than later. 'Cause you can expect anything to be work out/ get fixed if you never do anything about it.

your writer, Erika


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