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Hi guys! How ya doin' (Little Mix style)? OMG, hahahaha. Tomorrow it's Friday! Yeah, wazup bitches! Hahaha. Do you have any special plans for tomorrow? I mean or this weekend?  I am working tomorrow, Partaj ya know. We are going to shoot the sketch, Høllefjord High ya know. Hahaha. That will be fine. It is so much fun to actually be on the show because I know what will happen before everyone else does. Hihihi. You learn a lot too, about TV production and such.

Like the past few days I have become slightly obsessed with watching Victoria's Secret fashion show videos on youtube. Every time I see Elsa Hosk or Caroline Winberg I like freak out because they are both from Stockholm, just like me. Plus Caroline is from the same part of Stockholm as I! How cool isn't that?! I wonder if I have ever seen Caroline around town when I was younger before she started modeling. I mean she is born in 1985 and started modeling when she was 15 which was 2000 and I am born 1993. OMG! What if we went to the same school?! Freaking out here!!!! Hahahaha. That would be really cool. I don't know who I am bigger fan of? They are both so amazing!

VS Fashion Show 2012 - at 0:54 you see Elsa stepping put on the runway

VS Fashion Show 2011 - at 1:17 you see Caroline stepping out on the runway

VS Fashion Show 2006 - at 2:44 you see Caroline stepping out on the runway

your writer, Erika


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