Party Weekend

So, I thought that it was time for another post. Another day, another post right? That's the deal. Hahaha. Oh my God so I went to the shoemaker today to she is they could fix my shoes. I brought both pairs that needed to be fixed but hey said that they could only fix one pair. He said that it's not worth fixing the other pair. They were too damaged. Too bad. I mean the only good thing that I can't fix the other pair is that I don't have to spend money on it. So yay, but still nay.

Oh my God tomorrow there is a new episode of Partaj! Yay! This episode is the best episode so far this season. You just have to watch it! If you don't live in Sweden just go on After the show tomorrow I'll post some pictures from the episode. Both from Hølle and what we shot on this week in the studio. I have a bunch of pictures, mostly selflies (which I seem to be known for).

I am tired now so I think that I am going to get ready for bed. Sorry but you'll hear from me tomorrow! Plus you'll get some party pictures.

your writer, Erika


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