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Today I was an extra in an ICA commercial. It was so much fun! I mean the ICA commercial are the best commercial for any Swedish product. For y'all who don't know what ICA is, let me explain. ICA, is a grocery store, well, it's a grocery store chain. Yeah, they have supermarkets called ICA MAXI. Anyway, the ICA commercials are very famous in Sweden. Sadly I am not allowed to post any pictures but since the commercial it's not supposed to air until week 10 next year and that's like three months away so nothing about the commercial can get out. I mean what fun would that be for the production company and for ICA who has ordered this commercial? All that hard work for nothing. Maybe if I remember it when the commercial airs, I'll post some pictures.

Like I love being in front of the camera but it is also super awkward at times. I mean, like this is what I know how to do but like when you have to walk right in front of the camera with the camera moving right behind you and you have can't walk too fast or to slow because you and the camera have to be in synched. Or like today for exampled they was going to stand right in front of the camera when they were filming so like I couldn't be to much in the shot because then I would take up too much space and block whatever they were shooting. I mean it was just awkward when they asked me to first move a little to the left and then a little to the right and the back and then back again. Hahaha. It wasn't really that awkward I am just awkward so it felt more awkward that it actually was. I am making bigger than it really is. Hahaha. That's not the only thing. In the same shot, after they had locked out positions one of the guys in the team like moved me around, I mean he had his hands on my arms an turned me around exactly wham I was supposed to move and how i was supposed to move in the shot. I don't know why they chose to do it that way but they did. Hahaha. I mean, just a little weird.

Today I got a text from the post office saying that a package from CDON.com is now being the delivered by them to me and that means that my copy of Midnight Memories is now on it's way. So, I'll probably have it tomorrow or on Friday but I am hoping for tomorrow but you'll never know with the post office sometimes. But it should be here at it latest on Friday.

your writer, Erika


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