Stay Safe

Oh my God! So have you heard about this shooting at LAX?! My mom told me about earlier and was totally shocked! I hope that everything is alright and that no one is hurt too bad. It's scary! I hate shootings and guns and just everything like that! No to guns! Then Cody goes on and post a keek from LAX. Like I got way worried because of the shooting. Like that is my babe but he and Andrew seemed okay, just bored and antsy because they had to get to rehearsals. Just as long as they are safe and sound. I mean I get it, 'cause they had been struck there for like four hours. I would get kind of antsy too. Hehehe, I would get kind of claustrophobic. I am not claustrophobic but a situation would make me kind of freak out.

It's a weekend. Woop woop! What are y'all doing? I have to do somethings that I just keep on procrastinating. Hahaha. Too much, too often. Nah, I just have to get the sole on the heel re placed on a pair of shoes (well, actually two pairs but I'll just start with one pair. Um, there is more to fix on the other pair). I mean I don't have to do this but, I mean I like these shoes and buying a new pair will cost just as much. So, um yeah that's that. Maybe it's not. Gonna to do a quick peek on the world wide web to see what's actually out there.

your writer, Erika


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