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You know that saying "My room is either the gates of hell or the temperature of antarctica, well step into my room and welcome to antarctica. Seriously this is not normal. I mean, they can't be serious. No, I mean. I don't know what I mean but any way, I just, it's fucking cold that's my point. Like, I am wearing three pairs of socks and my toes are still ice cubes. I am wearing sweatpants, still cold. The ventilation don't close all the way either. OMG. If I get sick and die because of this someone is getting sue. Hmm, that might be hard because I would be dead then so I guess I just come back and haunt someone. But I promise you that if this was America someone would be getting served. So fucking cold. I just want to crawl up underneath my covers and just lay there but blogging is more fun and it keeps my mind distracted from the fact that my toes are ice cubes right now.

Never happy. Well, IDK but there is like never the perfect temperature. Your either too hot or too cold. There is like never an in-between. It's either cold or hot. Hahaha. You know it's true.

So um yeah. This is really embarrassing but I don't know where I have my official transcripts from high school are. Like, yeah I know that they are in a map somewhere, which is probably stacked in a box which is in the basement. Like this is not good. I need the ASAP. Fuck. I just have to rave through all of those boxes tomorrow before I am going meet up Linda. Like it's so not good at all if I can't find them *imagine: biting my fingernails*. I know I'll find them *imagine: deep breath*. Hopefully. Hahaha. Nah, I don't need to be psyching myself out. I always do that but everything turns out okay in the end. We all just need to have a good old laugh right now (yeah, I just laughed! You got a problem with that… I am freaking hilarious so I couldn't help it). I'll find them. I am going to call skolverket, JIC 'cause google wasn't much help. I mean, yeah but I found this website that seemed legit at first but at a second sight, hmmm, not so much. First of all it costs between 1495 kr and 1595 kr to order official transcripts from them and it's not like you just enter you SSN and choose which transcripts that you want. No. You enter all the classes and grades yourself. Hmmm, not so legit. I can give myself A's in everything. Hahaha, I am looking for the real deal. I mean I have it scanned on my computer but I want the official official. The paper in my hands. Plus I need my transcripts from SU but that is an other story.

your writer, Erika


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