So today has been a mellow day. I feel like it has been easy. I mean that I have taken things easy. Like I haven't been stressed or whatever. Hahaha. I bought me second Christmas present today. I was like why not when I bought it. I mean the person that it's for have mentioned that he/ she wants this particular thing and so when I bought it I just thought that it was perfect and that why not buy it. I just wanted to clarify that I didn't mean "why not" as is in something random. It was not random, because I walked in to the particular store looking for that particular thing. Sorry that I am being all cryptic about what I bought and who it is for but whoever I bought it for might be reading this so I can't say what I bought and who it is for. I mean I want it to be a surprise. What fun is it if you know what you're getting for Christmas? So this is all hush hush.

Have you bought any Christmas presents yet? Have you started planning for Christmas? Christmas planning might be a little early or not, considering that it's next month. Does anyone know what they are doing for Christmas this year? The only thing that I know for sure that I am doing, I mean the only that is booked is Christmas Day. Mhmmmmm, Beliebers, y'all know what I am talking about! BELIEVE 3D! That's right! Nothing comes in the way of me and the Biebs. He is my honey and I will ALWAYS support him. He is a good guy. The only reason most people hate on him is because he's got t better than them, he is living his dream and they're not living theirs. They don't hate on him with a valid reason. They just hate because they are jealous and that's wrong. If you are going to hate, know the facts 'cause then I can understand you. Don't just spit out bullshit.

your writer, Erika


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