Dry Land

So yeah! Found my transcripts! I don't need to spend 1495 kr on that. BTW, I would never had used that website since my gut was telling me that it wasn't legit. I didn't call skolverket, I didn't need too since I found my grades but I think that I'll might just call them anyway. Maybe tomorrow in-between takes. Hahaha. I mean I just want to know, I mean since my high school doesn't exist anymore what do I do if I want my grades/ need them? I mean if I need another copy of them.

Seriously my mind is really dry tonight. Like what do you want me to tell you? Yeah, I am shooting another sketch for Høllefjord High tomorrow. I don't feel like I can keep telling you guys that same old story over and over again. Like even I am tired. I kind of feel like I am bragging. No, what I mean is. IDK what I mean. But seriously if I want to tell you about that I will tell you about that. It's my madda fucking blog!

So, um yeah this was short. I just don't know what to blog about tonight. That happened at times. But yeah yeah. I can't just sit here too long, I have to get ready for tomorrow's shoot so you'll just need to excuse me. I need to be ready tomorrow. Not that this job is any hard but it still demands a lot of you and you to be ready to do anything. Look out on Sunday for pictures from this weeks episode of Partaj.

your writer, Erika


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