We Own The Night

So right now I am a little tired. I have been catching up on a few TV series tonight since I have been kind of busy this week. Do you have any favorite TV series that you just have to watch? I mean I don't know if I have anything that I am like addicted to but I really like How I Met Your Mother. That's definitely one of my favorite series, I am so sad that this is the last season. Like when the show first started back in 2005 I hated it. Like every time the it was on TV I was "Urgh, not that again" and *click* changing the channel. Now, well it's one of my favorite show. Hmmm but kind of like with most things I like. I mean first I don't like them but then I hate them so hard that I actually start to like them. So like I know that if I really hate something I know that I am going to end up liking it. Annoying, I know.

Guys! It's Christmas soon! Y'all haven't forgotten that right? Hahaha. You're getting me a good present!! RIGHT?! Na, JK but anyway seriously though it hit me today that Justin Timberlake comes Tele2 Areana in Stockholm on May 10th next year and that The Wanted comes Fryshuset in Stockholm on February 16th also next year. Hmmm. I don't know which ticket to get first. I mean they were released a few weeks ago but my mind where somewhere else then so, um yeah. Plus Kim Cesarion is playing at Debaser Medis on december 6th. I still haven't got tickets to that but that's because I don't know if I'll be working or not then. So I think that it is kind of unnecessary to get tickets  until know for sure.

your writer, Erika


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