Deep & Personal

Yeah! Hi guys, how are you? Um, the yeah is because I thought of something to write. That was my instant thought so I decided to type it. I do that sometimes, type my thoughts that will be, it's more fun/ alive or whatever. it brings you closer to me. Right? I mean isn't it more personal that way? Hahaha, that's funny, I mean because this blog is just SO deep and personal that every single word I write brings you to tears. I don't know maybe it does, I can say that I am for sure not sitting here crying. I am just sitting here with an emotional less face most of the time, unless I get distracted and read something in SWD. 'Cause those people crack me up. Mohaha.

Anyways, I picked up my shoes at the shoemaker today. Finally I can use them with out the heel on the left shoe wiggling. That was annoying. I mean I should have gone back with them to the store where I bough them from when I noticed that the shoe was broken, but I don't know, I just kept on procrastinating it until it was too late. Yeah, yeah, not it's done and it cost almost as much to fix them as I bought them for. The length you go to fix a pair of shoes that you like but I still kind of need another pair of shoes. I mean a new pair of winter shoes. Shoes that can keep my feet warm during the Scandinavian winter.

your writer, Erika Eklund


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