Luck @ Random

Oh em gee guys! I have become like obsessed with Hot Chelle Rae's Recklessly! Like dayum! They are so good. I love their music and everything and they just blow my kind with every new song that they put out! I hope that they come to Sweden next year. Plus, like I have always had a crush on Ryan! Like c'mon he's fucking hot! I just love him! I mean I love them all, they are super cool and talented musicians IDK I am kind of slightly more drawn to Ryan. He's hot. Hahaha. Watch their live music video of Recklessly in my last post. I am sure that you will be just as obsessed as I am.

You wanna know a great thing? I am going to tell you anyway so stop reading if you don't want to know (please continue reading). Alli Simpson followed me on twitter today! Yeah. I chocked when I saw it. I was like WHAAAAT?! Now both Cody and Alli follows me! Like this is too amazing! I admire them so much. I know that they are a few years younger than me but it is so cool that they follow me. Thank you so much! Like I didn't even spam Alli. I mentioned her in a tweet and then six minutes later she followed me. That's it! Like I have never spammed any one to follow me on twitter. I have tried but yeah. I don't know what makes them follow people but I really do think that it's just luck, that they pick people at random.

your writer, Erika


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