Fallin' For You

Hi so it's an early one, an early post. I mean I have to got to bed "early" tonight because I have to get up at 5 AM tomorrow because I shooting this commercial tomorrow and it takes about, well a little over an hour to get there. So yeah. Hahaha, yesterday I wasn't sure where I had put my passport but I no worries I found it. Thankfully, seriously I don't know what I would have done if I had lost it. Anyway, yeah so luckily I found it but today I lost my keys. Like I had no idea where I put them. I was going mad. Well, no I have taught myself not to like over react in those situations. If something is lost it's lost deal with it, it's a material thing that you can easily replace. Plus you just get worked up for no reason, and I feel that if you stay calm you'll find what you need easier and faster. So just stay calm and clear your mind and everything will work out. Luckily I found my keys in my jacket. But not that jacket that I last wore last, aka not the jacket that I wore ice-skating last night. Hmm weird. This can either mean that I just put them there for some weird reason or that I didn't bring them with me when I went out last night. Hmmm, the true story we'll never found out and I am not going to stress about solving it either. Why bother?

Are you a fan of R5? I am not really a fan, I mean like I have never like listened to their music. Well, that was until like today. Like I know who they are because of Ross but like the only songs by them that I have ever heard are the one's from the Austin and Ally soundtrack. Anyway, they are someone to Stockholm in February next year and like even though I have never kind of listen to them until today I am really tempted to because the tickets are really (I mean really) cheap. The regular tickets costs 200 kr and the meet and greet experience cost 650 kr. I mean, 650 kr that's like a regular ticket to like JB, 1D or JT or ant other artist playing at one of the bigger venues here in Stockholm. I am a fan of Austin and Ally so it would be really fun to go and see them. I think that I want the meet and greet experience then. Like it would be so much fun to meet them. Hihihi. I'll see what I'll do.

your writer, Erika


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