So, hi guys! What's up in the hizzle mi dizzles? Hahaha. So, fashion, um yeah. Like I am obsessed with this red lace dress from Kardshian Kollection For Lipsy. It's like "OH MY GOD". I just completely love it! But unfortunately I live in Sweden and unfourtunetly they don't sell those clothes here so I have been like obsessing/ trying to find a similar dress or something that is kind of like it. I mean they are not like super similar but kind of. I don't know but I still love them both. I want a red dress for Christmas but the problem is if I buy a cute dress for Christmas now, I won't wear it until Christmas. I mean I will kind of save it for Christmas since I bought it for Christmas you know. Hahaha.

Kardashian Kollection For Lipsy dress
(picture source:

BikBok dress
(picture source:

I want the BikBok dress so bad, 'cause it's so gorgeous. I haven't tried it on though but I think that I will do that tomorrow. 'Cause I mean I didn't really have time today when I saw the dress, plus it was hanging way up on the wall so I just didn't feel it. Hahaha. The typical swede.

I feel like BikBok really have stepped up the game lately. Just these last couple of months. they have some really nice pieces. Clothes that I thought that I would never like, stuff that I have been kind of against before but BikBok have stepped it up *imagine me giving BikBok an applause*. Except the Grace dress I really like their Richie top and the Castello skirt that goes with the top. I also like Scarlet top, which comes in three different colors, gold, red and black. It's a loose fit top, with sequins in the front. So chic and elegant. Very cool! Oh my God, I can't forget about their Portugal top. Gorgeous!

Richie top and Castello skirt
(picture sources: Richie top -
Castello skirt -

Scarlet top
(picture sources: gold
red -
black -

Portugal top
(picture source:

your writer, Erika


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