Almost 00:00. Sorry that I am late! I have been on twitter spammin with the hashtag #voteaustinmahone. It's been an up and down battle against Ariana Grande. Yeah, I think that she has an amazing voice and is one of the best singers out there but I am a bigger fan of Austin so, um yeah. Austin for president! LOL, no but Austin for MTV EMA Artist On The Rise! Yeah! I really hope that he wins this. I got a tweet limit for God's sake. I have never had one before. I got tweet limits on my phone and on regular twitter. That is frustrating! In this writing moment Austin is ahead of Ari with almost 30,000 votes. But as I have learned tonight, that can change very very quickly! Too quickly! All the love for Austin!

So did anyone watch tonight's episode of Partaj? I know that I keep nagging this but, the Hølle sketch that was in tonight's episode was really weird to shoot. My reaction she I walked on set that day was "WTF?!". I mean because when you see a classroom and a condom and a banana on every single desk you assume that you're about to do something totally different that what actually happened in the sketch.

Just some banana….. Bläääääääää!

I don't think that this poster had anything to do with our sketch, just a poster in that classroom :p

your writer, Erika


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