The 5th

Hi guys! How are you? I am good. I thought that I was too tired to blog tonight but I am here so obviously I am not. LOL. I am getting old. LOL. I remember (I have probably mentioned this like a million times before) that when I first started this blog eight years ago my goal was to blog every single day. I kept that promise... for a few days. So then I told myself that is was okay not to blog every single day. Then I blogged a few times a week and then I stopped for a month. LOL. But even though I haven't blogged every single day since I started the blog I am still here eight years later. I have learned a lot by having this blog.

I freaked myself out for a moment! And got very bad at math. I counted nine years but it has been eight years. Can you believe it?! That I have had this blog for eight years. That is pretty cool! I wonder if I'll still be here in eight years? I guess only time will tell.

Is 2015 going good for ya so far? I feel like people put too much pressure on this "New Year, New Me" thing. I feel like you should just try to focus on each day instead. Or maybe that works for you. In that case, who am I to talk. I am just saying it is not for me. Anyway, whether or not your a New Years resolution kind of person I hope that you have a fucking awesome year and life! You deserve it! We all deserve it!

your writer, Erika


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