Not So Prepped

Damn! I have been a pretty busy little bee lately. But I am here now, but tomorrow school starts. So um yeah, that is going to be exciting. LOL. Hopefully I will do well. I still feel like I am not 100% ready for it to start because I haven't fixed everything yet. LOL, I stil need a notebook so that I can take note for class. And the actual textbook. Oops! Super irresponsible. Well well. I guess that I have to swing by the campus bookstore tomorrow before class.

I really want get a sweatshirt with the schools name on it. That would be really cool. I am going to ask tomorrow at the student center if they sell that on campus or if it is only online. Idk because haven't seen a store like that at campus. LOL, I have been on that campus like twice in my life time. Once in high school when we got a campus tour and once last week. I can't remember that I have been there other than that.

your writer, Erika


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