It's a New Year

OMG! I am so sorry! I have done it again - not blogged for several days! Ooops! LOL. But Happy New Year everyone! Did you have a good night last night or this morning or however/ whenever you celebrated? I did! I had a fantastic time. I made other plans and spent New Years with friends and I don't want to kiss and tell but lets just say that it was pretty eventful. Or maybe lets just put it as that way I experienced it.

I am excited for the year to come! 2014 was an funny year, especially the last few months! I have had a lot of fun and got to do things that I have dreamt of my whole life. Plus I have made some really great friends. I really love the chance I got of begin an extra in Alena - a movie that I am really excited to see! When I know more about the release date of the movie I will tell you. I hope that I will get more chances like that in 2015!

your writer, Erika


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