To Do

Oh my God so I just started at my nails, which reminded me that I need to fix them before I go to bed. Gosh! Well well. I feel so bad because like today on my way home from  work I saw that I had got a text from my boss this Friday asking me if I could work a few hours. I mean I probably would have said no but I mean like it just feel rude that I didn't answer. I'll apologize to her the next time I see her a work. I mean it's just bad manners to not answer like that, I mean especially when it is your boss. Last week, Thursday, I really didn't want to work. I just wanted the day to be over so that I could go home. Then, she who was in-charge that shift told me that I could leave early, and this was like a few house earlier and I just "Nah." and said that it was okay if she asked someone else. I really just wanted the day to be over so that my weekend could start already but the opportunity came I just decided to pull through the hours of torture that was left. LOL. Today she asked me if I could work a little bit longer but I said no because I needed to do something which I still haven't done. Well not all of it.

Ever since the party yesterday I have been obsessed with Selena Gomez's Birthday. LOL. I am also more excited about my birthday, since it's next month. Still all I know is that I want to eat out at some restaurant. Texas Longhorn or the Hard Rock Café. Hmmm. Maybe Hard Rock and I'll get a t-shirt but everything is so expensive there. Eh, I'll have sometime to figure this out.

your writer, Erika


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