OMG, so last night. No just no! It was so annoying, like I don't even - #1stworldprolems. Hahahaha! This is a thing only Stockholm people will get. Snow & public transportation, like who the f*** thought that that was a good combination.  And that's nor even a question. Like what the fudge?! SERIOUSLY?! Kudjo is right, nothing pisses people off more than public transportation, especially in the winter. Dear SL we're in Sweden, one would think that you should know that the snow comes every winter. Hmmmm. Or maybe we're not in the same country? Would explain a lot. Like seriously, yesterday I got off work at 8 PM, my bus was supposed to leave at 8:23 PM but the bus never showed. At 8:45 PM some other bus driver told everyone who was waiting for the bus I was waiting for that that bus was going to come. Nice SL, good job on informing about that (?!). So the I look up when the metro was going to leave. Okay now I am kind of sitting here laughing at myself but still. I got worried that I wasn't going to make it home and my phone as had low battery. I almost cried. Seriously! I got so pissed! I wasn't home until like 9:45 PM.

Jump to 2:25. You have no idea how accurate that is. He is not being over dramatic, if anything he's being under dramatic!

your writer, Erika


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