Hi guys! And girls! How are y'all doing? I am good. Goodie good good. LOL. Can't come up with anything better to say than that. LOL. I went to the grocery store earlier just because I needed some vegetables and milk. So I went to the grocery story but I found some other magical things there. OMG! They have finally gotten Ben & Jerry greek frozen yoghurt! Hallelujah, my prayers have been answered! But they didn't have my favorite flavor (actually the only Ben & Jerry greek frozen yoghurt that I have tasted, but whatever) blueberry graham. They also had something else that was amazing! They had Miley Cyrus album Bangerz for only 59 kr, so of course I bought it since I don't have. I mean you can't pass on a deal like that. LOL. Yeah, my fun trip to the grocery story (imagine that in an ironic voice).

 your writer, Erika


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