Hi guys! I actually wrote a post last night but IDK something happened and it didn't save so. Um yeah, but I am here now. Ahhh, I just saw my schedule for the week of my birthday and I have to work on my birthday. But there is no way in hell that is happening. I am going to get out of that. I am going to talk to my boss, try to see if anyone can take my shift that day. Like okay I get it I mean if my birthday would have had been in the middle of the week I wouldn't really have said much about working on my birthday but now my birthday is on a Sunday and therefore I am not so happy about it. Plus it's a long shift fro noon until 9 PM. No. Just no. That is not going to work for me. Okay maybe if it had been a few hours, maybe. I'll have to talk to her because I have plans that day. We are gonna have a real problem if she schedules me the day of the Miley Cyrus concert and when One Direction comes here in June. Hmmm. I'll have to bring that up as well. OMG, feel like am coming with a lot of demands here, I mean like I am being rude or something but this is important. IDK, I'll have to wait until Wednesday and talk to her face to face. I mean I don't work tomorrow, and sure yeah I could text her all of this but I rather bring it pup face to face and I feel like I could better argue for my cause then.

I feel like it messes a whole lot of things up if I have to work on my birthday. Like when am I going to celebrate it then. Hmm, I mean I want to do something fun the day of. All I really want to do for my birthday, in terms of celebration, is to go out and eat with my family. That's all and I am not going to plan anything else. Hmm. We'll see, we'll see. I mean it's not like I am just chocked over having to work on my birthday. I asked my boss a few weeks ago about this. I wrote her an email but she didn't reply, she doesn't seem to reply to emails. Plus I asked her if she had got my email and she said yes. So.

your writer, Erika


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