The Three Day Vacation: Day One

LOL. I am not really on a vacation, I am just not scheduled to work until Wednesday. Which means that I have three days off from work. Today, tomorrow and Tuesday. Yeah! Do you understand how happy I am? Well, I am really happy! Hallelujah! I am not going to do much. Or we'll see, it's just day one so far. LOL.

I started my "vacation" pretty easy. A slow start. I went to Hemmakväll with my mom and rented some movies. I have been wanting to to that for weeks now but I have been so busy, always working, that I have never had the time. I might have had the time to go and rent the movies but I would have had the time to watch them. But now I do. Three days baby! It really feel like a vacation! Hallelujah! Hahaha. Okay yeah so I rented some movies. I rented five, if the amount is important to you. Among the movies I rented Think Like A Man and I have been wanting to see that movie since I lived in the United States. That's a long time. Over two whole years! I did actually rent it last rummer but I never had the time to watch it because there was something I wanted to watch on TV and then all of the sudden I got this part as an extra in a movie so I had to go to bed early to get ready for that. So I never had the time to watch it. Which was sad but now I have seen it and it's good. I kind of want to read that book now. Just for fun. LOL, the other day or the other week, whatever the point of this "side story", I mean the story of this "side story" is that I saw some one at work having that book, Think Like A Lady Act Like A Man by Steve Harvey in their bag. I don't know who it was because alone in the locker room. But I was kind of "OMG! That book! Steve Harvey!" and some fangirl screaming (but not out loud of course).

While at Sollentuna Centrum to rent the movies I did some necessary shopping at H&M. And I do mean necessary shopping so don't come and except a pair of new Uggs or something like that. LOL. I bought new socks (BREAKING NEWS!) and some (I don't know the exact word for this in english so this is the word I know best to decried it, LOL #needtotakeenglishclasses) headbands. LOL. The so clever Erika.

OMG! I had the most typical Swedish weekend food for dinner! Tacos. LOL but it's true it's so Swedish to eat tacos for dinner on the weekend. Not like everyday on the weekend but like just one day to celebrate that it's weekend and that you don't have to work. LOL I told mom that I wanted tacos today a few days ago and tacos we ate. Yummy. Happy girl.

LOL. I need your help. I want to do something with this blog. I mean I want to do things for the blog. I mean like fun posts & video blogs IDK stuff like that. I don't know what you want to hear. Just hit me up wherever. I need ideas!

your writer, Erika


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