In a Positive Mood

Today has been a good day. Except from the two hours I was in-charge of the fries, but yeah today has been a fairly good day. I apologized to my boss today. The main boss man was there today aka the guy the own the restaurant he was there while I apologized he said that I did not need to apologize for that. To me, yeah I felt like I needed to do that. I mean, if it was a friend and I didn't see a text until like a few days after, like I wouldn't care so much about but like this is my job. Where I spend my days, like I just want to keep it a nice environment. No, I just don't want them to think that I am rude or anything. Okay, yeah so um, yeah she hadn't said anything about it and when I brought it up she barley seemed to be knowing what I was talking about. Well, I said it. It's done. My conscience is clear.

I made it home in time for Mom, my new favorite sitcom. It's really good and we all know that Anna Faris is funny. We learned that a long time ago. I really hopes that the show continues now that we're about to say goodbye to How I Met Your Mother. Sadly. I hated HIMYM when it started. Every time it was on TV I changed the channel was like "No not that show!" but it started to grow on me. Another show that I hated when it first started airing was Grey's Anatomy. Then, in lack of other shows to watch on TV I started to like it. LOL. So the last Grey's episode that they aired in Sweden was the one where Jackson stands up in the middle of the ceremony at April's wedding and tell her that he loves her. The episode following that one will air tomorrow but since I won't make it home in time for Grey's and I couldn't wait any longer to find out what happens I watched it online after Suburgatory. LOL, I just couldn't wait.

your writer, Erika


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