Thank You 4 the Past 7 Years

So seven years, yeah! Seven years! Today is the seventh anniversary of "Erika's World". Hmm, I feel bad because I don't have anything special planned for today. I feel like I should, mean it has after all been seven years. Hahaha. I will hide behind that I am saving my energy for the 10 anniversary! seriously then, yeah then we need a big party. LOL. It will probably just be me, a cupcake and an empty room. Nah. I am not a depressing person. I don't do depressed.

Hmm, feels awkward that I don't have much to say today. Hmm, awkward is the word but I thought that I would give you the links to my most read posts on this blog. The top five that will be. I don't know but I though it would be fun. 1) Kevin & Danielle Jonas, 2) A Mayniacs Paradise, 3) 1D Bracelets, 4) Birthday Wishlist & 5) The Veronicas covering JBs Burning Up. Those are the top five. Which is your favorite post out of all the posts on this blog?

I love you all goodnight!

your writer, Erika


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