This Weekend

Friday night. I have no life. Well, well. I feel like I have no life. I am so bored. I am just sitting here and waiting for Modern Family, 'cause as usual there is nothing good on TV. Oh my god, I just realized that it got to seem like all I do is watch TV, besides working at McDonalds. Yeah, what an exciting life I do have. LOLL. It's not as boring as it's sounds when you put it like that. I enjoy watching TV. Hahahaha, yeah, I mean like that's the reason most people who watch TV so yeah I need to find a better argument. LOL. I feel like that is a lot of me, like TV and movie. I have always been interested in that. Instead now I am "stuck" working at McDonalds. I used the "" to slightly ironic, I am not stuck working there, I choose to take that job. Anyway. Like sometimes I feel like I want a job with more regular and "normal" (meaning like from 8 AM to 4 PM) hours. I mean McDonalds are a little more here and there, you never work true same hours several days in a row. I haven't anyway and I don't know anyone else who does that either. Like it would just be nice if it was more like that but at the same time I feel like it's nice when it's not the same thing all of the time. Like it's easier to be bored when it's the same thing over and over and over, you get it. As you know I would really like to work with movies and then, um yeah it's not really regular/ normal business hours. Hmmm. So you see I am stuck. But like until I get there, I can enjoy the sweet ride of the 8 to 4. Please? Hehehe.

Tomorrow I have to work again. Hmmm. Don't want, but I'll have to. Gotta make that money. LOL, buy it's true though. I have to work on Sunday too. Blah or blä as we say in Sweden. LOL. I am glad that I don't work such along day tomorrow since I was sick two days ago. Plus I'll get to see Melodifestivalen. Oh, so on Sunday a bunch of the artist that are have been competing in this years Melodifestivalen is coming to the mall where the McDonalds that I work at is. What if like some of them step by McDonalds and like happen to at the taking orders. OMG, that be so cool!

your writer, Erika


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