Hi guys. Sorry for being MIA yesterday but I was very very sick. But I survived and here I am. Alive and awake. I have just been home resting all day. Well I went to the grocery store, to buy some friendly food. Otherwise I have just been home. My mom is not home and just not coming home for a few days, so I am also all alone. Which sometimes has it's advantage and sometimes it does not. Like I was going to watch a movie earlier but the I realized that that is no fun to do when you're by all by yourself. But now at least The Originals is on TV so I have something good on TV. LOL, I am also having this discussion with some Swedish JCats about who of the boys will be the first one to get married. Someone said JJ and I just got this idea in my head of Princeton as a cute little toddler running around being the ring bearer. No, OMG not this is too much for my weak fangirl heart! Too many feels! That would be way to cute, way too adorable! Remember Mason at Kim Kardashian's wedding? That was freaking adorable!

I leave you all with this old selfie I found on my phone. Have a good night!

your writer, Erika


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