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Hi guys! How are you? I am good I am just sitting here listening to music, watching some movie with Kevin James on TV plus and trying to get Swedish radio stations to notice Conor Maynard and Union J. I really want them to come to Sweden and they only way to get them to come here is if they get noticed more here so that is what I am trying to do. Trying to get their songs played on the radio. LOL. Like I know I can not single handedly do this but I can at least try, plus I asked some other fangirls to do the same. I don't do the every single day. But when I do request music I go crazy. LOL. I write to every single radio station that play that type of music and beg them to play their music. Hopefully they do. I mean it weird that do I request their music since I never listen to the radio myself but still I do whatever I can so get them noticed by more people.

George Shelley from Union J tweeted earlier tonight that he can'r wait to see fans from all over the world this year. OMG! I really hope that that means that they are going on a promotional tour or something like that and that they come to Sweden then. I really really really hope so! I want to meet them so bad. It would really kill me if I had to work the day they would some here. LOL, work, Union J. OMG, They would of course come first, I'll work something out. I mean it's Union J, I am NOT missing out on that!

your writer, Erika


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