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Seriously that #SELFIE song is so bad that it's actually good. I can't stop listening to it. The lyrics are so bad but the music is good. I mean it's that type of song you play really loud at a party. LOL. So what have you all been doing all day? I actually haven't done much, like most of my days off. I mean like I mostly have days off in the middle of the week and then there isn't much to do. Plus The Ellen DeGeneres Show is on in the middle of the day here so like there is no chance on hell I'll miss that. LOL. No but, I like to relax at home. I mean I like to catch up on the TV shows that I miss because I don't work normal business hours. I am TV and movie kind of gal. That is my life, what I life for.

OMG, like I really need to find something good to blog about because like this is just boring. I started this blog a few hours ago, wrote the first part and then just surfed the web because IDK, I could't thin of anything goose to write. IDK, tomorrow I get off work at around 8 PM which means I'll be home late but not late enough that I won't have time to blog. LOL. So if there is anything special that you would like me to blog about I'll try to do that. Pus this blog needs to be more interesting. It would be fun. I'd also like to get more readers, though I write because I like it and not because I have tons of readers (LOL, I don't). But like when I had Have It Hollywood, I at a lot of readers and when you have over 2,000 readers each hour and over 80,000 each month you get addicted to your blog. I mean like you want to give them what they are demanding plus when you have thought so hard to get you blog to where it is you don't want to loose that. Hmmm. I want to get this blog to where HIH was but that takes time and I work so freaking much. If this blog would ever get to where HIH was I'd probably start updating more than once everyday. Hmmm.

Before you go to sleep (which I am about to do) tell you friends about this blog. Tweet about it, post a link on facebook, do a youtube video. IDK, just spread the word. It would be nice. I'll follow you on twitter if you show me that you have done anything to tell other people bout this blog. Oh, yeah, post a picture on instagram. Don't forget to #ErikasWorld.

your writer, Erika


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