Graduation Dresses

Hi guys! Today I thought that I would blog about graduation dresses. In Sweden we have this tradition that your graduation dress is supposed to be white. When you graduate from high school anyway. I don't know about university. And in 9th grade people just wear whichever color they want on their dress, that's if they wear a dress. I don't even remember what I wore for my 9th grade graduation but I still have the dress from my high school graduation.

This is the best picture that I could find of myself I in my graduation dress. BTW, the red head gal is my friend Linda.

Since the tradition is white I found three white dress from and H&M. Three very different dresses. But that's what you need if you're going to do a post like this. I mean diversity between the dresses. Or maybe not, but now it is.

Okay so this first dress is from H&M. A cute little white dress. I really like the flounce, that is what makes this dress special.

This second dress is a white lace dress from Miss Selfridge with ¾ sleeves. It is really cute and summerish.

This last one is from a brand called MOTEL, but you can find it at I really love the deep V-neck.

your writer, Erika


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