Creating a Little Magic

YO! A second post tonight. LOL. Yeah because I kind of like my magic with my scarf (have you seen it on my instagram?) this morning so I just wanted to blog about it here bit not in the same post as the Ari outfit post. I didn't sleep at home last night and this morning after I showered I didn't want to wear the same top as I wore yesterday so I just tied my scarf around my chest as a top. I think that it turned out pretty amazing. Hehehe. Well, it is actually a sarong and not a scarf (according to H&M anyway).

Here is my little magic with the scarf:

Here is what I wore yesterday. You can't really see the top that I am wearing but you see my scarf, how I usually wear it. Sometimes I wrap it around.

Here is an extra picture just because I think that I look good. LOL. Hahahaha.

your writer, Erika


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