Stereotypical Girl Stuff

Hola amigos! How are you all this weekend? Any special plans? Me? If you know me you know that I have no plans. Correction, I had no plans until this morning when I noticed that Netflix had added new episodes of Teen Wolf. So imma get that done. LOL. Nah, I am not that boring. I probably am. Or, eh whatever. I went shopping today, stereotypical girl stuff. I didn't buy a lot of things. Just a face mask and nipple covers because some tops are just a little bit too see-through. LOL, and I don't like wearing a bra underneath every top that I have. Well basically bra straps showing ain't very classy or even fashionable. It is NOT a good look! Let that be a few educational words. Just saying. The face mask that I bought is amazing, let that be another lesson. At least for my skin, plus it smells good. You should try it it is FORMULA 10.0.6 PORES BE PURE SKIN-CLARYFING MUD MASK.

your writer, Erika


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