Stamp of Approval

Hi guys, how are you? My life is not interesting tonight. I am actually kind of tired. LOL. I am always tired. Alway tired or hungry. Always tired, hungry or nauseous. Hahaha. No but tired and hungry. But when you're nauseous it feels like it fucking all of the time. Okay, that's enough talk about nausea. Yuck.

As I said my night is really not that interesting tonight. I am just sitting here watching TV and listening to music. A typical life of a 22 year old woman (Yes I am 22 even though some times people think that I might be 14, which I take as an insult). O, I am also looking at shoes and bikinis and other stuff on Which is where I bought my Steve Madden pumps for my Ariana Grande outfit. They have great stuff and are really easy to shop from (THEY HAVE WORLDEWIDE FREE SHIPPING). You guys should really check them out! got my stamp of approval.

Have to say Goodnight to you all now because I have to get ready for bed. Yeah, gotta be up early tomorrow. *yawn*

Your writer, Erika


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