Grönan Live

Hi guys! I seriously just laid on the floor for like a hour singing and listening to music. LOL. For someone who can't sing I think that I sounded alright. That's why I laid there for an hour and not like 10 or 15 minutes. Als I couldn't decide which movie to watch. But I went for Iron Man because you know it's a good movie (plus it was a long time since I last watched it) and Robert Downey Jr is kind of cute. Kind of cute? He is hot!

I went and saw Zara Larsson at Gröna Lund last night. She was fucking amazing! That woman has an incredible voice! I mean WOW! I mean I might not be the biggest Zara fan but damn that woman can sing! LOL, I have kind of become obsessed with a few of her songs since last night and I have basically only been listning to her music on Spotify today.

your writer, Erika


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