Let This Be a Lesson

Hi guys! Sorry for the poor updating this week. I have just not been in the mood to write anything. My mind has been a little bit disoriented. But I am here now! And I can tell you about what I have been up to this week, which is not much. A little bit of working almost getting killed by an iPhone. No that is an exaggeration but still it landed like 1,5m in front of me. Poor person whoever phone that was. Completely destroyed! People this is a lesson for you all!

Okay so this is what happened. I was at Gröna Lund because they were having a "kick off" for all of their artists (as cute as they like to call it). All the cafés and restaurants that was open was free, all the food, all, everything was free (!). Which was awesome. Some rides were open. Plus everyone got dived into teams and we had to play these games and at the end of the night one team won a lot of candy and something else. Anyway, so my team wanted to ride Insane, which is an insane roller coaster. No way in hell that I am riding that thing, because I am not insane (hahahaha). So me and an other team mate stood at the entrance of Insane just talking. Out of the blue we see something falling from the sky. As this thing is falling from the sky is falls apart. IN THE SKY BEFORE IT HAS EVEN HIT THE GROUND. Then when it has hit the ground we walk closer to see what it was and it was an iPhone4. The case (that is supposed to protect the phone) was the thing that fell of the phone while it was still falling. The back of the phone was shattered and the front part was nowhere to be found! Seriously let these pictures be a reminder to you all to empty your pockets before you go any ride at an amusement park. Remember to at least take out your precious phone! If that had been my phone I'd be at home (which I am right now anyway) mourning.

your writer, Erika


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