How I Almost (no I didn't) Met Ariana Grande - but I met her crew anyway :p

Hi guys! (Sorry for being absent for two days.) So if you're Swedish or an Arianator you know that Ariana Grande is in Sweden atm because she is performing on the Swedish Idol tonight. Yeah, I am super duper excited.

Last night I was at Arlanda with a couple of there fangirls hoping to meet Ari. I am going to spoil the story for you guys and say it was kind of fail but keep reading because it wasn't a complete fail, even though we never met Ariana.

Okay, so I got to the airport at around 16:30 or so. There were already two girls there. Then my friend came and all of us started to hang out there together because like why not? I mean we were all there for the same thing. Why not waste time together? LOL. Plus I know who the others two girls were. So we hung together, walking between terminals because we didn't know which airline she was flying with (well, we knew for sure that is wasn't Norwegian). LOL, we had so much fun (or at least I had fun anyway).

When there was just two flights left from Paris, we drew to the conclusion that Ariana was flying with Air France and not SAS (so we went to that terminal). While we were waiting there I saw a woman from Universal. I was entirely sure that it was her, but I dubbed check on Universal Music Sweden's wed site and yup it was her! Gaaaash! I mean like if she was there then Ari was for sure arriving there! It suddenly got really real! It was crazy. We were all hyped.

The Air France flight landed at 10:10 PM. And we waited. And waited. And then we did some more waiting. And then some, because yeah it was so damn darn fun! No, it wasn't. Like idk but, yeah everyone know the people don't just walk out from the arrivals the second after the plane has landed. I mean like you have to wait for your baggage and the you walk out. Yes, I understand it takes time. But idk it was just a little drygt (I don't know how to describe it other than using the word drygt - sorry for using a swedish word but it has no clear translation, google it idk). The woman from Universal was holding a sign with a name on it - Griffin Hadley -, which got us confused but because it wasn't Ari's name (but also why would she write Ari's name on a sign, it doesn't make sense). So I googled the name and boom, yeah sure the guy worked with Ari (also for Scooter Braun).

Finally after a while, LOL, an hour after the plane had landed a guy with a lot of bags on a cart walk towards the woman from Universal. Then it was like, OMG THIS IS IT ARI IS COMING WE ARE GONING TO GET TO MEET ARIANA FUCKING GRANDE WOOP WOOP! Then more people walked towards her. And then Griffin (or Griff as I called him, LOL) walked out so I called his name and waved at him and he waved back kind of surprised (I think) that I knew who he was. Then this huge cart with (what kind of looked like) a million bags on it came out from the arrivals. All her dancers walked out. Everyone except Ari. So we were like what now? Because, everyone - the crew - was just standing there looking like they were waiting for something (maybe Ari?). Then they started walking outside. What the actual fuck? Where was Ari? So someone asked a woman in the crew where Ari was and she said that Ari had already left, like a while ago. I repeat WHAT THE FUCKING ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK! So it was like, what now? What do we do? So we followed the crew.

We took pictures with them and I got a picture with my friend Griff. He was so sweet! I asked him if I could take a picture with him and he was like "Sure because you know my name!" LOL! Then I took a few pictures. I thanked him. Then he asked what my name was. And then OMG! Because like I told you that we waited forever for Ari, anyway when the plane had landed I wrote Griff in instagram and asked him if he was with Ariana in Sweden yet and this morning when I woke up I saw that he had replied to me saying that it was nice to meet me! OMG, he remembered me! That is cool. It's always nice when they remember you! OH, yeah! I also met Jones. You know Jones Crow the photographer who takes pictures of Ari. LOL.

Me with Griffin Hadley :)

Jones Crow and I :)

So, the night was in a was a fail because I didn't get to meet Ariana. But I had fun, and I got to meet her crew. I was fun in a way.

your writer, Erika


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