An Extra Day

Hi guys! How are you? I am good. Just a teeny tiny bit stressed. Otherwise I am good. I have had so much fun today. I am an extra in this upcoming movie called Alena. It's based on a graphic novel by Kim W. Andersson. There was a copy of the novel in the extras room and seems pretty cool. Google it.

OMG! I am so happy because tomorrow we (all of the extras) has to be on set like extremely early and like an hours ago I got a text saying that there has been a change in the schedule. So now we have to be on set an half hour later! Hallelujah! I am so thankful! There is a God!

Also I feel like mentioning this! Today's rose goes to the SJ man who let me take the train from Bålsta to Stockholm for free. 'Cause I didn't want to pay extra to take the commuter train. Because idk apparently it costs extra to take the commuter train from Bålsta since it's not in Stockholm. I was like "I ain't paying for that." So I called Åsa but she couldn't pick me up but then this SJ train came to the station. So I asked the guy who worked on the train how much it costs to take that train to Stockholm and he said that he really didn't know but it costs 100 kr extra to buy a ticket on the train. Then I wash like - once again - I ain't paying for that. Then he said that it was okay and that I could just take that train for free. Awesome! So than you so much nice man! Otherwise I would have had to wait like almost 25 minutes for the commuter train and, hell no! Or yeah, I would have had no other choice. I could have walked, but yeah *laughing hysterically*.

your writer, Erika


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