A Little Fall Cleaning

Hi guys! Waddup? How are you guys? I am pretty good! I re-did my profile on statist and I am ind of satisfied with it. I had a bunch of unnecessary things on my resume and it just looked messy. Plus I deleted some things because it doesn't look good to have them on your resume, I mean if you want to come off as serious. Idk. Plus I had one entry for each episode of a TV series that I had been an extra in. It just looked a little much, so I did some cleaning. I kind of need some new picture on there too and I would like to upload some pictures in a gallery. LOL, I don't know which ones. I'll get into that tomorrow.

LOL, lately I have been updating my instagram more often. It's mostly Alena stuff. Idk, but I don't feel like my life is interesting and that is why I really don't update it. I have had so much fun on the set of Alena that I want to tell people about it, plus we are allowed post pictures from the set. So why not right? I check the hashtag myself everyday, because it's fun to see what everyone else posts.

your writer, Erika


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