Sunday Chill Day

Hi guys! What have you done this fine Sunday? Me, I have just been at home all day. Not doing much, folding the laundry (not that that was like necessary information to you but anyway), watching a movie on Netflix and basically just been listening to Ella Henderson's debut album Chapter One. It's freaking amazing! Her voice like WOW! I hope that she comes back to Sweden soon, 'cause I really like to meet her again. The last time that she was here I didn't get a chance because I was busy with something else. Sad, that didn't get to meet her.

Hmm. Well, maybe not like that because Ariana Grande is coming to Sweden on Friday. She is performing on Idol. I know two people who works there, so I am really jealous of both of them at the moment. Maybe more jealous of them because 1D is coming to the Idol finale in December. Well, well. No time to be a Negative Nelly. I know that Scooter is with Ari in London right now, so I wonder if her will come with her to Sweden. Scooter's wife Yael is with him as well. OMG, I want to meet them all. Maybe I should just go to the studio and hang there all day and maybe I'll get a chance to meet them. Or maybe Arlanda is the better choice? Hmmm. 'Cause I don't think that they are flying private. But I could be wrong. Private jets have wifi too? Do they? Idk, I have never been on one who so how should I know (gonna do a quick google search!). LOL, yeah they do (of course - I mean what was I thinking it's 20fucking14 for God's sake, of course technology has come that far by now). I found and article from mid 2010 so yeah, private jets have had wifi for quite a few years now.

your writer, Erika


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