Hi guys, how have you all been today? My day has been great, or I have been in a good mood and that is why I consider it great! Waddupp, LOL! (IDK.)

So I have been following this artist, Olivia Somerlyn, on facebook for a few years now. I also follow her on instagram. Anyway, in the beginning of the summer she released this song called Parachute and idk why but now I decided to listen to it. It is really good! I have heard her singing before, and I have one of her song in my phone. I guess I just expected the song to be different. Every time that I listen to it I feel like getting up on my feet and dance around the apartment. It's a really good song! So I tweeted my excitement about the song and Olivia tweeted me back! WHAAAT?! How cool isn't that! Aaaaa! Thank you Olivia! If you haven't heard Parachute, you should really listen (I posted an audio video below)!

your writer, Erika


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