Here I Am Tonight

Wait what happened to the time? Like, a few minutes ago it was 8 PM and then I decide to watch The Vampire Diaries and NTL Coriolanus, and woops it's past 11 PM. SMH, hahaha. LOL.

Do you know what tomorrow is? Of course you do. It's the premiere of Where We Are! Aaaah! I am so excited to see it. Hmmm, but there is just one problem thought - I don't know what to wear. Hmmm. That is a huge problem. Maybe if I had that skirt that I blogged about last night (you see, I told you that my life would be so much better if I had it! It would even solve a krises, the one that I am having right now about not knowing what to wear tomorrow when I am going to the movies #firstworldproblems). I'll figure something out.

You know that I have been posting monologues on youtube (yeah I know that they are terrible!). I want to redo them because I know that I can to do better than that. I posted a little preview on keek of one of the monologues that I have been working. I'll post the full thing on youtube in a few days or when I'll feel like. Hahahaha. Anyway below is the little preview. I hope you thing that this little thing is better than the first one that I did (if you have seen the first one).

your writer, Erika


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