A Fandom, A Family

Just as I clicked on the "new post" button I was like, "What the fuck have I done today? Did I go somewhere? Yeah, that must be it." LOL, then I remembered that I did laundry this morning. LOL. that's how exciting my day has been. LOL.

OMG so I am sitting here trying to find a font that is close to the exact same font as in the "Union J" logo because I am working on a new header for the Swedish JCats group. I mean now that they have a new single out we need a new header and since I am one of the admins for the group I can just change the header if I want to. LOL. I can kick people, I can also remove the other admins as admins but I would never do that. That will just provoke unnecessary drama. We're a fandom, we're a family. 

It's really hard finding a font. God. I remember when I took a graphic design course in high school. I mean sitting for hours just looking and downloading fonts was fun. LOL. I mean it's still fun but it's also time consuming and especially when you're looking for something specific. IDK, I found something that was quite similar so I'll just go with that one. [---] I just tried the font and NOPE it did not work! UGRH!! So annoying. First world problems.

your writer, Erika


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